Care for Environment


Ensuring safety in the workplace and in the operation of the plant is an essential element of our definition of quality.

In order to achieve continued improvements in our services, we make use of modern automated safety devices which increase the efficiency of the productive processes and reduce our personnel´s exposure to risk.

Among these are:

DECAL continues to improve its safety standards

Protection of the Environment

Since the very beginning, we have paid particular attention to safeguarding the environment, promoting programmes and investments aimed at ensuring the highest standards of environmental protection.

The results achieved so far confirm that the constant search for compatibility between industrial activity and protection of both the workplace and the environment, represents a key to success which constantly gains in relevance in the current competitive challenges in the marketplace.

Our attention to environmental and safety-related problems has frequently led us to become pioneers in the use of technology or innovative technical solutions which preceded and extended beyond the requirements of official regulations.

Included in these enterprises are: