Storage and Bunkering Services in Panama

Panama Terminal provides bunker services to tankers.

Located at Taboguilla Island in the Pacific Ocean, its unique strategic position simplifies the supply to ships passing through the channel.

The terminal has a capacity of 356,500 cubic meters and is characterised by a modern configuration and a very advanced automation.

Taboguilla Island (Panama) Terminal

Total surface: 20 ha (land owned by Decal)

Storage capacity:

total capacity: 356,500 m³
number of tanks 26
range of capacities: from 5,000 m³ to 35,000 m³
handling capacity 4/5 barges per day


Ship discharging:

private berth 1
maximum tonnage 70,000 DWT
maximum LOA 250 m
available draught: 15 m (equivalent to 49 ft)
beam no restriction

service 24 hours a day, 362 days a year (shinc)

Barges loading:

Loading hours:

Monday to Sunday: 24 hrs a day, 362 days a year


Quality, Environmental and Safety Systems meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001